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Welcome to the beautiful ski resort

Flims Laax Falera    Grisons             

With Elements Snowsports, you will get private ski and snowboard lessons tailor-made for you.

Adult or child, beginner or expert, on the slope, in snow park or off piste, it will always be our pleasure to guide you through this adventure.


A pair of skis are the ultimate transportation to freedom.

Warren Miller 

Reflection of mountains in ski goggles



Prices are for 1-3 people

2 hours - 244 CHF / each additional person 30 CHF

3 hours - 333 CHF / each additional person 50 CHF

4 hours - 411 CHF / each additional person 60 CHF

5 hours - 499 CHF / each additional person 70 CHF

6 hours - 555 CHF / each additional person 70 CHF

*    lesson price does not include equipment or ski pass

**  for lessons 4h / 5h / 6h a one-hour

      lunch break is planned, 2h without a break, 3h a half-hour

      break is possible by arrangement


# We can help you organize suitable equipment. 

# Video Coaching – video analysis is part of the lesson.

    Seeing your ride is a wonderful tool for improvement

    and belongs to the modern methods of teaching skiing. 

# Skiing and snowboarding technique is constantly

    evolving and we try to constantly adapt to these

    new trends and teach according to them.

    We adapt each private lesson to the client's goals,

    his current physical and mental form and his

    skiing or snowboarding level.

Family action

Let   your ADVENTURE begin

Family on a- Ski Vacation


Ski vacation with the family

Personal approach and individual care for the whole family.

It doesn't matter that you have different levels of your skills or that you are of different ages.


We will match everything appropriately to your individual needs and you enjoy unforgettable experiences together in the mountains as a family.


In this case, the price is valid for 1-5 people

(e.g. 2 adults, 3 children).

At the Top

The advantage of a private lesson is a personal approach - 100% adapted to the specific needs of the client.

We will be happy to accompany you on your journey, wherever you are at the moment - from the first cautious attempts to racing pace on the black slopes.

Book a private

ski / snowboard lesson today and embark on an adventurous journey of discovering self-confidence in any terrain, new technical skills, graceful movement, and last but not least, FUN.




BCC 2016 Venca-56.jpg

Another amazing chapter of being in the mountains - a layer of freshly fallen snow under your skis / snowboard, a hill without tracks, a sunny day - an idyll that you want to experience.


The content of the lesson is riding outside the marked slopes and discovering the right technique to experience the feeling of safe surfing on snow.

*     Mandatory equipment – ​​avalanche beacon, shovel, probe.

**   Recommended equipment – ​​avalanche airback backpack, helmet,

        All Mountain or Freeride category skis.

        Equipment is not included in the lesson price.

*** Minimum technical level - advanced skier / snowboarder.


Freestyle is not only for teenagers, it is also a suitable addition on the way to become a fully complex skier / snowboarder.


Where else to start with freestyle than in Laax, which offers conditions for all levels.


Book your place on the way to your dream trick right now.

* Recommended equipment :

   helmet, back protector and freestyle skis / snowboard.

   The equipment is not included in the lesson price.





Touring gives you the chance to experience the feeling of moving freely in the mountains on your own, away from ski resorts full of people.


Give touring a chance and go on a trip

      "INTO THE WILD".


*     Mandatory equipment:

       - avalanche equipment – avalanche beacon, probe, shovel

       - touring equipment – touring skis, touring boots,

          touring poles

**   Recommended equipment: avalanche airback backpack,

        helmet, snack.

        The equipment is not included in the lesson price.

*** Minimum technical level - advanced skier.

Resort guiding
Snowboarders in mountain landscape

Technical progress is not your priority, but you prefer to look for a guide who knows the area well and can show you the best slopes or the best restaurants?

Relax fully into your holiday experiences and let us choose a morning slope for you, according to your taste, or help you synchronize lunch with friends and table reservations.


RESORT guiding

How to do it

Howto do it
How to use
avalanche / touring    equipment


If you are going to discover the beauty of Freeriding / Touring, your new equipment is still unused and you don't really know how to do it, then this lesson will be helpful for you.


The goal of this lesson is to familiarize yourself with avalanche safety equipment, to learn how to use it at a basic level so that your stay in the mountains is full of only positive experiences.


In the case of using touring equipment, we will discuss how it works, we will give you tips and tricks when using it and we will go together through the basics of moving in the wild terrain (ascent and descent).


*   Lesson length 3 hours. The price of 333 CHF is for 1-3 people,

     each additional person for an extra charge.

** The equipment is not included in the price lesson.

Baby sitting
People having fondue

If you want to enjoy a bit of social life only in the company of adults after a whole day on the slopes, we will be happy to give you the contact of a high-quality babysitter with many years of experience, a lot of patience and an open heart :)


About me

Get know me better

As I grew up near the mountains in the Czech Republic, my passion for skiing began in my early childhood, when I spent every free moment on the slopes.

In my teenage years, I also skied competitively, and in my 20s my journey as a ski instructor began.


For the first 8 years, I worked in the Czech mountains, where I achieved the highest Czech education and became a member of the team of APUL trainers and examiners and thus trained new instructors for both skiing and snowboarding.

I worked also independently as a private ski and snowboard instructor.


In 2011, I participated with APUL demoteam in the Interski Congress in St. Anton, Austria.

I hold an international ISIA CARD license and I meet the CTT conditions at the EU level.


I have the highest Swiss state license Snow Sports Instructor with Federal Certificate of Higher Vocational Education and Trainin and I have many years of work experience in skischools in LAAX and St. Moritz.

I also have work experience from New Zealand, Australia and USA.


In all these places around the world, I gathered experience as a private ski instructor, instructor for groups of children and adults, a coach at freestyle and freeride camps, a guide at company ski events and a guide for families in top ski resorts.



"One run on the hill can change your day, your week, even your life...


I can help you discover the way to make that ride as amazing as possible.

Zbynek Pavelcik "Zeebee"

founder of Elements Snowsport

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